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Let’s keep illegal tobacco out of our communities

Putting a stop to the sale of illegal tobacco is vital if we want to make smoking history for future generations. But we need your help.

What is illegal tobacco?

People believe that cheap tobacco, such as cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco, sold locally is duty free – but in fact, illegal tobacco products include:

  • Illicit whites – brands which have no legal market in the UK
  • Non-UK duty paid – genuine UK brands brought into the country and sold without duty being paid
  • Counterfeit – illegally manufactured and made to look like recognised brands

Why do we need to Keep It Out?

All tobacco kills – it doesn’t matter whether you buy it legally or not. But the sale of illegal tobacco comes with a lot of other problems for communities.

Those who distribute and sell illegal tobacco are criminals that are often involved with other organised crime gangs and criminal enterprises. The sale of illegal tobacco is not a victimless crime – it’s a criminal supply chain that has strong links to the drugs trade, money laundering and even human trafficking. Buying illegal tobacco means supporting crime, and can put children into contact with criminals. Nobody wants that for their community.

Nobody wants their child to start smoking either, but we know that children and young people are often targeted by people who sell illegal tobacco.

Sellers don’t care about age restrictions, and don’t care that they’re getting children hooked on a lethal addiction – one which so many smokers wish they hadn’t started.

By reporting illegal tobacco sales, you are protecting your community from crime and preventing future generations from starting a lifelong addiction.

Report illegal tobacco sales

If you know anything about illegal tobacco being sold within your community, you can help by submitting an anonymous report. You can do this by either:

Information will be passed along to Trading Standards and the police, who will take targeted action against illegal tobacco sellers – from fines to shop closures.

Together, we can keep illegal tobacco out of Greater Manchester.