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A helping hand

NHS employees, contractors and support workers in Greater Manchester can now get free, personalised stop smoking support with expert advice and treatment.  

The support includes six months’ free access to the top-rated Smoke Free app to support you on your journey, and up to 12 weeks’ worth of nicotine replacement and/or a vaping kit to help keep cigarette cravings at bay.  

Through the app you can monitor your health improvements and money saved, track cravings and triggers (and learn how to avoid them), chat with a friendly stop smoking advisor 24/7, connect with a wider community of quitters, and order nicotine replacement and vape liquid refills straight to your door! 

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Getting started

No matter where you are on your journey, we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

Anyone aged 18+ who is employed by or contracted to NHS services in Greater Manchester, including NHS Trusts, community pharmacies and GP, dental and optometry practices is eligible for the free, personalised stop smoking support through the Smoke Free app. 

So far over 300 of your Greater Manchester colleagues have signed up. Join them today and get healthier, wealthier, sooner.  

To get started, simply sign up online or scan the QR code shown.  

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Why quit?

Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health, finances and loved ones. Quitting can reduce your risk of developing a serious illness, improve your physical and mental health, give your bank balance a boost, and protect those around you from second-hand smoke. 

It can be tough to stop smoking, but you’re much more likely to quit with support, and using nicotine replacement and/or e-cigarettes can be very effective.

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Life can be so different without smoking. You can take back that control. I have.
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Staying on track

With your willpower and our support, you’ll be able to say goodbye to smoking once and for all. 

The team of friendly stop smoking advisors will check in with you regularly throughout your journey and be there for you whenever you need them, wherever you are. 

Quitting takes practice. And each time you try you learn something new and get one step closer to being smokefree. That’s why you get six whole months of personalised support.  

Remember to turn your app notifications on and log your smoking status when asked to ensure you’re getting the most from all the support within the app. 

Don't want to use an app?

We recognise not everyone might be able to or want to access support through an app. Stop smoking advice and support is also available through: 

Access to local services and provision of nicotine replacement, stop smoking medication, and e-cigarettes varies by local authority.  


Important information


Downloading the Smoke Free app straight from the App Store or Google Play will not give you access to the full features and offers exclusively available to NHS staff. Please make sure you sign up using or scan the QR link shown. 

If you have used the Smoke Free app before, please uninstall it from your device before signing up for the free support for NHS staff.  

For technical support and queries please email [email protected] 


Terms & Conditions

  1. Only people aged 18+ who are employed by or contracted to NHS services in Greater Manchester are eligible for the free, personalised stop smoking support and treatment provided through the Smoke Free app. Users may be asked to show proof of employment.
  2. To access features and offers available exclusively to NHS staff, you must sign up via
  3. The six months’ free access to the pro features of the Smoke Free app starts from the day you sign up. After the six-month period, your subscription will automatically downgrade to the free version unless you choose to pay for the pro version.
  4. Free nicotine replacement products and/or a vaping device and e-liquid refills are available for a maximum of 12 consecutive weeks. To order your products, you will need to speak to a stop smoking advisor through the Smoke Free app who will provide you with guidance on the best possible product for you. Delivery takes 2 – 3 working days.
  5. By signing up you are agreeing to the Smoke Free app’s standard terms and conditions and privacy policy. No personal or identifiable information is shared with the NHS or other organisations.
  6. The stop smoking support is provided by Smoke Free (23 Limited), on behalf of NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care with funding from NHS England. NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time without notice.

Communications Toolkit

If you work in communications, employee health and wellbeing, or HR, please email [email protected] to request a Communications Toolkit to help you encourage staff to take up the free stop smoking support available. Please note these resources are for internal use only and should not be shared with friends, family or patients that do not work for the NHS in Greater Manchester.

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