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How much is smoking costing you?

If you need added incentive to quit smoking, think about how much of your income is going up in smoke every week. The average 10-a-day smoker spends around £40 a week on tobacco. That’s over £2,000 a year!

Find out how much you could save when you quit by using the savings calculator below. Then think about how you could better spend that money…

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Savings calculator

Smokes per day
Types of smokes
You'll save
per week
Per month
Per year
Savings based on average pack of 20 king size cigarettes costing £11.41
Savings based on 30g pack of hand rolling tobacco costing £12.80

How else will you save money?

When you quit smoking, you won’t just save money on tobacco, you’ll also save money on:

  • lighters and lighter fluid
  • gum and body spray to try and hide the smell
  • replacing clothes that smell of smoke
  • redecorating or replacing smoke damaged furniture
  • less trips to the dentist due to a reduced risk of gum disease caused by smoking
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I used to spend around £375 a month on cigarettes, instead I put that money away and gave the kids an amazing Christmas. I’m now using the extra money to save for a house!
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Smoking is only going to get more expensive

With the increasing cost of tobacco, smoking is only going to cost you more. Did you know e-cigarettes are cheaper and significantly less harmful than cigarettes, and can help you manage cravings as you move towards quitting?

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Ways to quit


How to quit

There are many different ways to quit, so it's all about what works best for you. Let us show you some of the ways you can achieve a smokefree life.
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Quit support

It can be tough knowing where to start or how to deal with setbacks. We can help you plan your quit journey, keep you on track and set you up for success.
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Real Stories

There are many ex-smokers who have are now enjoying smokefree lives. Find out how they did and get inspired.
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