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Public invited to share their views on smokefree spaces in Greater Manchester

A new public consultation has been launched, inviting Greater Manchester residents, community groups, and local businesses to have their say on exciting new plans to make more outdoor spaces smokefree in Greater Manchester.

It follows the recent announcement that the city-region has joined the Partnership for Healthy Cities and committed to creating more smokefree spaces to protect everyone from the harm of tobacco and prevent younger generations from taking up smoking.

Under the new plans, several outdoor areas will become healthier, greener, smokefree spaces, meaning people will be asked to refrain from smoking whilst in the designated smokefree zone. Areas under consideration include parks and green spaces, children’s play areas, high streets, town squares, and areas within the immediate vicinity of schools and public buildings.

The public consultation has been launched to seek the views of local people and community representatives. This will include suggestions on the places they’d most like to see become smokefree and is a great opportunity for the public to play an active part in shaping the initiative.

Following the consultation, plans are set to be finalised in autumn with the first new smokefree space expected by the end of the year.

Paul Dennett, Chair of Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership Board and Deputy Mayor for Greater Manchester, said: 

“Across Greater Manchester there are already plenty of outdoor smokefree spaces that have been introduced by local authorities, schools and community groups.

“The people of Greater Manchester now have the opportunity to have their say on our plans to introduce more smokefree spaces for everyone to enjoy.

“As it stands, places in Greater Manchester have some of the highest smoking rates in the country and this initiative is part of our important work to make smoking history, to improve the health and wellbeing of our population and prevent younger generations from ever starting smoking and getting hooked on a deadly addiction.

“We know that extending smokefree outdoor spaces already has significant support from local people. Consultations carried out in 2018 showed us that 8 out of 10 people thought it was a good idea – with areas of most concern including children’s playgrounds, school entrances and outside public libraries and town halls.”

The plans are supported by a £79,000 ($100,000) grant from the Partnership for Healthy Cities – an initiative of Bloomberg Philanthropies, the World Health Organization and Vital Strategies – which will be used to create more smokefree spaces across the city-region and shift cultural and societal attitudes towards smoking. The first phase of the project will be delivered by Manchester City Council and NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care, on behalf of Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership.

Ariella Rojhani, Director of the Partnership for Healthy Cities, said:

“We applaud Greater Manchester for creating an opportunity for residents to help ensure the spaces they use every day will be smokefree. Through this work, Greater Manchester is building a legacy as a city-region that cares deeply about health and wellbeing, not just now but well into the future.”

To share your views, take part in the online survey. Those that complete the survey by Sunday 11 September will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher (T&Cs apply).

For more information about Greater Manchester’s plans for more smokefree spaces and terms and conditions for the prize draw, go to