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Dr Matt Evison “There is no greater tragedy than the tobacco pandemic”

Dr Matt Evison is a Respiratory Consultant and the Clinical Lead for the Make Smoking History programme in Greater Manchester.

Photo of Dr Matt Evison wearing blue scrubs sitting in front of a window overlooking a river

Every day, Dr Matt Evison sees first-hand the devastating impacts of smoking on his patient’s health and wellbeing. He believes that there is no greater thing we can do to improve the health and wealth of the entire world than to rid it of tobacco.

He’s come forward to share this important message of the widespread harm caused by tobacco addiction, and highlight the real opportunity healthcare professionals have in supporting their patients to quit smoking.

Check out this message from Dr Matt Evison in the video below.

Healthcare professionals in any setting can save a life in as little as 30 seconds by carrying out Very Brief Advice (VBA), a life-saving intervention that can trigger a quit attempt.

You can out more about VBA, and how successful it is as a cost-effective, evidence-based health intervention, from this factsheet.

Where to get help to quit smoking?

Get personalised support to quit smoking from your Local Stop Smoking Service, GP or pharmacist. Or call the NHS Stop Smoking helpline free on 0300 123 1044.

Greater Manchester residents can also get six months’ free access to the Smoke Free app – usually worth £60 – when they sign up at www.smokefreeapp.com/GM (T&Cs apply).